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Lamborghini Murcielago Partner of the Black Devil



It's a very good and my favorite car! My Black Devil's partner! I always wanted to have this couple in my garage! They are incredibly complementary!
I started getting LM002 and feeling it, but after the first trip on it, I realized I wanted a car of this stamp too! Plus, I saw one man with a set of two LM and Murcilago machines. After that, the matter was resolved! I started looking for a car. They were not a long month after which I became the owner of my beautiful Lamborghini Murcilago in 2004! Now they're just looking at "Chuma" in a couple!


FormerLamborghini Murcielago



- You're not afraid to kill her?
- I'm... afraid I'm not scared enough...

The dream of an idiot came true.
As soon as I saw her picture for the first time, it screamed and screamed, that's what I want to do!
Dizine just knocked me down, and the declared horses are in characters and a long time ago.
Would it look like a V12 behind your back, 580 ls, a pen!
They say be afraid of your desires, they can be fulfilled!
I forgot to be afraid...

I knew why she had a bull on her hood and Ferrari had a horse.
driving on the ferrari is a race on an expensive breeding horse, a ride on a Murselage. You're the one who's riding a angry bull with the main purpose of life to kill you in the first turn.
And it's not even about 580 declared horses (to be honest, I expected more dynamics and pressures at the bottom of a whole v12),
Let's start with a car that's relatively undetectable in the city can tear you to 300 km.
No, they're kind of nominal, there's even a pedal of the brakes, and it's beautifully burnt back, but the manufacturer initially didn't plan to use this in his opinion as an unnecessary option.
2-3 is not active, and they are suffocated, plus permanently deformed by the disc brake. There's a way out, we need to change the brakes to more serious ones, but this trailer has to replace the wheels with a bigger radius.
It's funny to visit the dealer, with any question, people hang out and try to refuse to order the worm, and they're gonna try to get you a new one.
And if the bums or Mercedes are beautifully wrapped with a tape or even put in hologram boxes, then the lymborghinis don't go through, you're being given a naked asortizer of the door with a stitch straight into your hands, and the other one just stacks a bunch of pistons that they think might be able to fit your machine. It's not going to help with all the codes, all the cars are going manually, people who seem to be picking up a tractor on leisure.
Any repair is a whole event, there was no plan in the factory that anyone would think about repairing it, no one understands what's going on and going on, in every car, all the anchors and openings for him in different places.
Any service that ever signed up to help you after that starts to hate you, and the second time this number won't pass.

When the car moves, it's dangerous and unpredictable, and if the average motor is soaked in the turn, it's hard to catch it, then the Murselago, how the wife loses... it's practically impossible...

Still decides the pen. A similar kind of metal culis is standing on the ferrari with the pp, but it works perfectly well and makes the sound of the calashnikov machine, and there are engineers here to add a light drama to make sure that you switch the second and finally kill instead of four. But all that adds to the risk and emotions.
I went to LP 670-4 SV with a robot, the car is certainly much faster, but less emotional, after this, if it requires a tough man's hand and a coldest mind, then LPs has 670 ls sense that even your grandma can chase.
Plus, the winter with the purple, the methel and the holoid makes light diversity.
The exhaust was some crazy on it.
My neighbors hate me so far. When you make it in the morning, it starts with cotton (pound 100 kilos of trotile equivalent) and then it starts to bury sound equal to about 1,000 dinosaurs, all of which is accompanied by a venom of exhausting signals in the area, the neighbors start looking in the windows and watching.
You're looking at the look you're looking at, you know, your lambe can get up and burn.
Ah! That's what the car's made, when it's short, it's moving out of the roadside, and it's blowing up like a gas tank, and it's got fuel hoses on it, and gasoline on a collector like that.
Accident statistics confirm that.
No, it's nothing in principle, or you're gonna think I'm gonna freak out...

Oh, she's got the biggest radius of the world.
To turn around on a smaller precinct, you've got to go a couple of times backwards... the truth in history, no dog has babbling.

Otherwise, the beautiful Marquise is fine!

Actually, it's the right thing to do with this car, like the same Bentley Arnage, not as a transport, but as real estate and just stupid to love her.
and use for unfrequent exits,
The attention of others is secured!
Efficiently go to the club (don't disgrace yourself from it) in a hurry, with a general focus, and get her girl out of there, you can't get out of there, you can ride the night smoother of Kutuzov or rouble, you know, and break the world's darkness, you can put her in a cold place...


Lamborghini Murcielago



Lamborghini Roadster, in that color and only 5 grand in the world, I was able to grab one. Hercules' disks in the chromium were set first. They were issued only for the sheikhs of Arab countries. In our own tuning company, we've been modernizing Lamborghini a lot. In this regard, the GC-exhaust exhaust, with a sound more similar to the sound of formula 1, without considering that Twin Turbo has not been able to travel in the car since the purchase, is seriously thinking about the repetition of the yellow Lamborgini premier4509. But until I reprogrammed the control unit, and I got an extra 33l.s. The main pride is the solution to any wormhole, the chaining. The solution was made by a custom-made flywheel and two organic clutch discs, which were clutched to 1,000l.s. and a pedal pressed at a minimum of 1/4 soft. In line, the salon, the hang and the restailing at LP640. Basically, I can say that the car isn't even a convertible, it's a rodster. Which means he's even more demanding at a certain point than a motorcycle. The lining roof, which is standing as the new Chevrolet Lacetti in the max. of the kit, is a piece of tarp ov#@ with a bunch of metal tubes inside, all of which requires a half hour to be installed, and by that point even the mushroom rain becomes a strong poem. Normally, it's gonna seem like a total minus, because Murcielago Roadster is only capable of a real super car aesthet. Now, instead of the smell of black eggs, all four wheels are towed in an attempt to accelerate, and the car is really going 3.5 to 100 km/h.