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Pure of headlamps


In five years of operation, the headlamps have been flooded with dust, glass of headlamps in scratches, and small cracks are present.
Decided to look for analogs of bixenon lamps on Mini. Examined among low-cost Asian producers.
Lighting catalogue on mini from 2001.
TYC Catalogue
Google and call a few birthday automobile stores found that we couldn't get the lights. Buy a bowl like that. In fact, I'll be looking for a glass or a cheap light.
There's no choice to clean.
To that end, we need:
1. TORX response 20 and 25
2. Head for 10.
3. Slide
4. Industrial Fen
5. Steak cleaner (any)
6. A few microfibre rags.
Let's disconnect the bixenon.
We're gonna cut the head off at 10 four strokes of the headlamp.
Take off the headlamp washer TORX 20.
The gray of the glue between the glazing and the hull of the headlamp min 5. The glass can be removed by hand or carefully by a lock, the glass should go easy.
Next, we're taking off the wire.

Pure of headlamps

We take TORX 25 and we remove 3 headlamp retention rifles to the hull.
We're doing another scrambled bixenon and clamma.
We turn four TORX 25 internal reflector rifles.
A small plug inside the reflector (what on the lens) is placed inside the latch (so carefully)

Pure of headlamps

Everyone cleans mine and collects. Now it's good.

Pure of headlamps
Pure of headlamps

The photo shows the glass number of the headlamp, but it doesn't googling.

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