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Need some help, VAG owners, need a 20


Need some help, VAG owners, need a 20

The idea is that hybrid is to be made 20, not bluntly dipped is38, because a large turbine has a later swelling and also requires partial modification! Besides that, it's 400 powers, and it's a little bit of me. I'd like a little more. The car should be comfortable in the city and have the potential for weekend fun. They ordered a rabbit and she came and was bought for another is20 for purely symbolic money!
The Noo to create 3d model and refining program one mV threat with 100 per cent probability and then need to adjust the program and rewrite the final version. With the heat expansion of the metal, there's shorter microns and a second 50/50 chance. And kill your car and then look for another one and get the car hanged.
Who's got an IS20 that doesn't have a hard time. For the first race on the CPD, the torch. I'll tell you about the experience and share it. And if you succeed, you'll be able to make a hybrid from a is20 to 430 forces on 98, and with Methanol to 500 forces for radical people. Who's gonna get scared early and drive a beard is 38.
Don't give me the necessary turbo! Ukraine or Russia. I'll be there and there.

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